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We harnesses the power of technology to provide individuals of diverse age groups around the globe with accurate, age-appropriate, and honest Sexuality and Safety Education through Game-Based Learning modules and digital curriculum to help increase it’s acceptance with the primary motive of bringing attitudinal change in all age groups and inculcating the values around it to the entire community.


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A one-stop platform for you to keep yourself sexually healthy.

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Learn from reality: for you to learn everything about biological, psychological, social and cognitive aspect of sexuality and safety.



We provide eco-friendly sexual wellness products to keep you as well the as environment safe.



Listen and learn: Learn about  Sexuality anytime and anywhere.


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A judgement-free, peer-approved consultancy service consisting of gynecologists, counselors, sexologists enabling you to resolve your issues.


Comprehensive Sexuality and Safety Education

Comprehensive Sexuality and Safety Education (CSSE) is a curriculum-based and age-appropriate process of teaching and learning about sexuality regarding all of its aspects, including cognitive, emotional, physical and social. The aim of CSSE is to equip students - especially children and adolescents - with knowledge, attitudes, skills and values empowering them to realize and actively take care of their health, well-being and dignity. It aims to develop social and sexual relationships based on respect, raise awareness on the impact of own choices on both own and others’ well-being, as well as to ensure protection of their rights throughout their lives.
Skills for Health and Well-being

Norms and Peer Influence on Sexual Behaviour, Decision-making, Media Literacy and Sexuality,

The Human Body and Development

Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, Reproduction, Adolescents and Puberty, Body Image

Sexuality and Sexual Behaviour

Sex, Sexuality and the Sexual Life Cycle, Sexual Behaviour and Sexual Response

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Prevention, Risk of STDs, Treatment and Support

Relationships and Lifestyle

How to build and engage in healthy Families, Friendships, Love and Romantic Relationships, Parenting Style

Values, Rights, Culture and Sexuality

Values and Sexuality, Human Rights and Sexuality, Culture, Society and Sexuality

Understanding Gender

Understanding Gender Norms, Gender Diversity, Equality, Stereotypes and Bias & Gender-based Violence

Violence and Staying Safe

Violence, Consent, Privacy and Bodily Integrity, Safe use of Information and Communication Technologies


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We understand your requirement and provide quality work.
Priyal Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Ishanika Sehgal

Creative Head



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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

I believe that developing a strong & healthy parent-child bond right from the beginning in which the child doesn’t feel uncomfortable asking any question & gets genuine answers in a language that they understand at a given age is essential to keep them safe, make them feel empowered and feed their curiosity. As most kids have access to the internet these days, so if you try to keep this topic hush-hush, they will look for their answers on the internet which I feel will cause more harm than good.

Priya aulakh



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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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